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Philips CPAP and BiLevel PAP Recall
Philips Respironics announced a voluntary keep in mind for positive CPAP, BiLevel PAP, and mechanical Ventilator Devices due to issues related to deterioration of the sound abatement foam utilized in those devices. This remember impacts CPAP and BiLevel PAP devices manufactured prior to April 26, 2021.

Please watch the video beneath from fellow Veteran and CPAP user, Dr. Edward Yackel, Executive Director of VHA’s National Center for Patient Safety, to study how VA is addressing the recollect and assisting bipap machine Veterans who’ve Philips Respironics CPAP/BiPAP devices.



Image of Lifestyle Measures to Manage Sleep Apnea truth sheet
Lifestyle Measures to Manage Sleep Apnea reality sheet

Frequently Asked Questions
Why are the Philips Respironics CPAP and BiPAP devices being recalled?
Phillips Respironics has recognized a hassle with a breakdown of the froth material used for sound discount in their CPAP and BiPAP devices. Very small debris from the froth may want to wreck lose and come through the air hose.

What ought to Veterans do in the event that they use a Philips Respironics CPAP or BiPAP device?
If you use a Philips Respironics CPAP or BiPAP tool that is blanketed inside the recollect, continue the use of your tool as prescribed until a new tool is available. Devices want to be registered with Philips Respironics to receive a replacement tool. You can check in your tool at https://www.Philipssrcupdate.Expertinquiry.Com or call their registration line at 877-907-7508. If you have got signs and symptoms or worries associated with your tool, please name your care crew or VA sufferers can ship a comfortable message via MyHealtheVet to schedule an appointment.

How will I get hold of a alternative tool?
You must register your recalled tool to get a new substitute tool. You can sign up your tool at https://www.Philipssrcupdate.Expertinquiry.Com or name their registration line at 877-907-7508. For Veterans who obtained their PAP device from the VA, your substitute tool may additionally come from both VA or Philips Respironics. In addition to shipping devices immediately from Philips Respironics, they are offering gadgets to VA to growth delivery quantity. Your alternative will come with a field to go back your present day tool to Philips Respironics.

Veterans who acquired their PAP device and health care out of doors of the VA fitness care machine will get hold of their new tool immediately from Philips Respironics. You may additionally ought to touch your care provider to application the tool on your prescribed settings. This will include a field to go back your modern-day device to Philips Respironics.

I back my tool however didn’t acquire a alternative
Philips Respironics will not ask you to return your recalled device until once you receive the alternative. There are people claiming to be from Philips Respironics which might be asking sufferers to ship their device before a replacement is obtained. Be careful as they may be scams! Philips Respironics will NOT ask you to return your device till they send you the alternative and they will NOT ask you to pay for go back delivery.

I obtained my new device from Philips Respironics. What do I do subsequent?
If you acquire your sleep care from VA, touch your respiration case supervisor and offer them together with your serial wide variety. That will allow them vicinity an order in your elements.

What are the fitness dangers if I continue to use my tool?
To date, Philips Respironics has obtained several proceedings concerning the presence of black particles/particles within the airpath circuit (extending from the device outlet, humidifier, tubing, and masks).

At this time no critical unfavorable health activities had been pronounced however Philips Respironics has obtained reviews of headache, higher airway inflammation, cough, chest strain and sinus infection. Other ability dangers recognized with the aid of Philips Respironics from degraded foam publicity encompass: Skin, eye and respiratory infection, headache, asthma, unfavourable outcomes to other organs (e.G. Kidneys and liver) and carcinogenic consequences. The complete record is to be had here.

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